DMC & Incoming Tour Operator to Brazil and all of South America BIT 25 Years

Customs & Travel Documents

Don´t forget your passport. Hold on to your copy of the white immigration form which you´ll need to give back when you leave the country.


Customs and Travel Documents

The only essential papers are your passport with visa, your air ticket and money. ID cards of neighboring countries are accepted. While staying in Brazil, it is not obligatory by law anymore to carry your passport with you at all times. Because of the obvious risk of losing you passport, it is a good idea to carry a photocopy instead of the original document. International Student Identity cards are beginning to be more widely accepted. To rent a car, you need a credit card and your driving license (international driving licenses are not requested anymore).

Arriving in Brazil you will have to fill out 2 forms:

Arrival and Departure Card

On arrival in Brazil you will be required to fill out a tourist card, half of which will be kept by the Federal Police, the other part you must retain until your departure from the country. Keep it safely in your passport. If you lose it, you will have to request another one when you check-in and fill it out again. IMPORTANT: on no account should you tick the box marked 'business', even if you are going to a conference, congress or business meeting, as you may be refused entry if you do not have a work permit.


Accompanied Baggage Declaration

You are allowed to bring in personal articles for domestic or professional use or consumption and other goods in value up to US$ 500,00. Attention with foodstuff, animals, plants etc. If you bring, for instance, a great piece of Parma ham or authentic Swiss cheese with you, it may be confiscated. Hint: Regardless of any purchases made abroad, every passenger arriving in Brazil is allowed to buy merchandise free of customs duties up to US$ 500,00 at the Duty Free arrival stores, at the main Brazilian International Airports. At airport customs there is a random selection process for checking luggage. After claiming your bags you have to press a large button. If the light is green, walk straight through; if it lights up red, your bags will be inspected. Depending on their mood, they send every one to pass their luggage through the x-ray. The process at land borders is much more rigorous, especially for those coming from Bolivia.