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5 Reasons why Brazil leaves a lasting impression

Of course there are plenty of reasons to visit Brazil - we listed the Top 5 that put it in a nutshell:

1. Exotic but still familiar

Brazil is just as exotic as an Asian or African Destination, offering the unknown and different. On the other hand, people understand you and are eager to welcome you in their country. You can interact as you perhaps have rarely done at home.

2. A trend-destination for MICE

Whilst much of long haul business has previously been focused on the Middle East and S.E.Asia, due to continuing terrorism incidents and health/medical problems, many are now reviewing safe and secure alternative destinations. Hence, given the pleasant climate, an incredible mix of nature, bustling city life and incomparable attractions, Brazil is undoubtedly one of the top destinations at the moment. The country was ranked in the Top 10 of the ICCA worldwide country ranking for the 6th year running in 2013.

3. Unique lifestyle

Okay, let's introduce the elephant in the room. For sure you do not have to go to Brazil to experience the ultimate Deluxe Hotel. There aren't. But everyone who knows the country will tell you: You don't need them! You won't notice as you will be absorbed and stunned with the nature, partying the nights away, immersing into the world's best music.... Simply, there isn´t anything similar to experiencing the Brazilian way of life. Trust us. 5 days may change the way you look at life.

4. Warm and sunny climate – Brazil has it all year around

It is not fair, we know, but Brazil has perfect weather conditions all year round. Even the few days of rain are pleasant as a warm and short shower. No monsoons, no gloves. Just trunks and Bermudas, long trousers and a shirt for the evening. (Now imagine the contrast to a short and cold winter day in December. Or better don't.)

5. One of the most diverse countries

7000 km of fine sand beaches, original cultures, fresh food, world's best sound & rhythm, one of the richest faunas and incredible landscapes: Brazil offers it all.

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