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Honeymoon travel secluded beaches for travel agencies from DMC Brazil

Sure, there are the classic destinations hard to beat when the subject is Romantic Vacations or honeymoon travel. True, French Polynesia, Bali, Paris, Venice, Bahamas and others warm every bride’s heart - well deserved.

However, Brazil’s tropical climate, beautiful landscapes, beaches, historical towns and nature make it a distinctly magical country and charming setting for a romantic escape or honeymoon break. If you are a truly romantic you might prefer secluded places like a deserted beach (not only in the brochures) to spend with your love.

You can choose from rustic luxury amidst the Atlantic rainforest of nearby Paraty, eco-lodges in the middle of a jungle reserve in the Amazon, being surrounded by incredible nature and wildlife of the Pantanal or beaches where you meet no one else than an old fisherman with a huge smile inviting to eat with him the lobsters he just caught. At night, the little hidden treasure of an unpretentious pousada (inn) often is illuminated with candles due to the shaky electricity, but they are smart enough to turn it into a romantic ambience for dining whilst soaking up the moonlight shining over spectacular ocean views.

Please allow us to say, you might find different places - but you won't find it better anywhere else. Ask Solange Knowles who went to Trancoso.