DMC & Incoming Tour Operator to Brazil and all of South America BIT 27 Years

Brazil is not a deluxe destination. You won't find, golden bathtubs nor will you be sipping an afternoon tea in that posh 5 star hotel among lords, actresses and international playboys. On the other hand, Brazil is largely number 1 in Natural Resources and 8th for its Cultural Resources in the world, offering incredible experiences for all of your senses.

But to discover this immensely rich country, you need an inbound tour operator like us. Having a swiss background, we always kept an eye for what is exotic and an overwhelming experience. If you look with a curious eye you will find it at every corner: Just follow local people’s zest for life and you will find true hidden treasures, tasty food, deserted beaches, music and rhythm and culture in abundance.

We have created products like food & wine, honeymoon, soft adventure, aroma tours, music classes and many others for those seeking this different kind of travel yet not wanting to miss comfort, safety and quality.