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Porto Seguro & Arraial

A popular destination in southern Bahia are the settlements around the town of Porto Seguro, where Pedro Álvares Cabral discovered Brazil in 1500. The main attractions are the wonderful landscapes of relaxing beaches, the cultural aspect and the charming night life. Porto Seguro and its districts still keep most of its old buildings, preserving the history and the rustic atmosphere that surrounds the town. Arraial d'Ajuda has a sophisticated night life style, Trancoso has the most charming hotels and Santa Cruz Cabrália takes you to the past. Four destinations in only one place.

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Night Life
The city

The magical ambiance that bewitches tourists today is the same that enchanted the Portuguese in 1500 when they first set foot on Brazilian soil and came face to face with the native inhabitants, the Pataxó tribe from the Tupi nation. Beaches, coves, bays, cliffs, and numerous rivers and streams dot the landscape, against a backdrop of lush green coconut palm trees, mangroves and coastal rainforest.

** Main Attractions **
* Recife de Fora Marine Park - two natural pools in the middle of the sea full of life and colours. A huge area of reefs, perfect for snorkling.

* Passarela do Álcool - one of the symbols of Porto Seguro, being here is almost an obligation. It's a large avenue along the coast full of stores, bars and music.

* Beaches - there are many options and here are some tips: Cruzeiro, Rio da Vila, Itacimirim, Curuípe, Mundaí, Taperapuã, Barramares, Ponta Grande and Mutá that is on the boundary between Porto Seguro and Santa Cruz Cabrália.

* Aquariums Island - also known as Pirates'Island is considered the most sophisticated aquarium complexes in South America. It combines nightlife infrastructure, environmental and sea biodiversity protection, with giant aquariums. The access is only by boat.

* Historical Center - many attractions can be visited and here are some of them: Porto Seguro Museum, Nossa Senhora da Penha's Church and the Monument to Cabral.

District of Porto Seguro, certainly one of the most spectacular areas of the south coast. Seduced by its special atmosphere, adventurers arrive from many countries, turning Arraial into a "corner of the world", as it is known.
The cliffs at the sea's edge form natural warm water pools. There are beaches for all tastes, some are crowded, full of life and music, but some are almost deserted, ideal for nudism.

** Main Attractions **
* Beaches - Apaga Fogo, Araçaípe, Delegado, Mucugê, Parracho, Pitinga and Taípe where you can visit the Blue Lagoon.

* Broadway - a famous street full of bars and stores.

* Mucugê Street - nowadays is more famous than Broadway, is the main place to go at night. The best shopping centers, art galleries, shops with original styles, inns, restaurants and bars are all here.

* Arraial d'Ajuda Eco Park - one of the biggest aquatic complex in Latin America located on the sea side and with capacity for approximately 5000 people.

* Nossa Senhora d'Ajuda Church - built in 1549 by the Jesuits is the origin for the name of the settlement.

Situated in the south coast, at the top of a knoll with splendid view of beaches, cliffs, waterfalls and coconut groves. The place combines elegance and simplicity within the authentic style "simple with sofistication". Quiet, it still has a rustic aspect and it is perfect for those who wants to rest in contact with nature.

** Main Attractions **
* Terravista Golf Course - designed by the architect Dan Blankenship, offers 18 holes and demanded US$ 4 million in investment to be built. The project follows the most sophisticated and up to date trends in golf course building in the world today.

* The Square - the main area which concentrates the stores, restaurants and nighlife. It's surrounded by coloured fisherman old houses.

* Beaches - Rio da Barra, Nativos, Coqueiros, Vegetal, Nudismo, Itapororoca, Patimirim, Itaquena, Espelho and Rio dos Frades.

Located in the north coast, it's a perfect city for those who seek rest and tranquility with all the modern facilities. Full of almost deserted beaches, ideal for water sports, this small village enchants for its bucolic aspect.

** Main Attractions **
* Coroa Vermelha - home of one of the township's indian communities is part of the Open Air Discovery Museum. Its beach is considered to be one of the greatest in Discovery Coast.

* Santo André - the first habitation on the left side of the River João de Tiba is now the haunt of artists and visitors from many countries. The native population maintain the rustic appearance with streets of beaten earth, dense vegetation and many fruit trees.
The beach which has the name of the village is unusual. One side faces the river and the other, the sea. It's all protected by coral reefs.

* Indian Museum - has a permanet exhibition of indigenous culture with panels and artifacts showing the daily life of the indian community.

* Belvedere of Coroa Vermelha - you have an exuberant panoramic view from Santo Antônio to Coroa Vermelha where you can see the mouth of the River João de Tiba, Paradise Island and Santo André.

* Beaches - Coroa Vermelha, Mutari, Lençóis, Arakakaí, Santo André, Tartarugas and Santo Antônio.

* Historical Center - Conceição Church, The Administration House of Santa Cruz and the Jail.

* Jaqueira Indigenous Protection Reservation - a huge jackfruit tree trunk, tumbled down by nature represents the return to origins and acts as a historical and cultural reference to honor the ancestral of Pataxó families, who recently moved into this 827-hectare indian protection area. Their huts, spread around original Atlantic Forest woods, keeps original old formats, giving visitors the impression of being back 500 years.


Located 730km south of Salvador, Porto Seguro was the place where the navigators led by Pedro Alvares Cabral first docked when Brazil was discovered in 1500. It shelters one of the oldest historic monuments in the country, in addition to a natural coastal landscape of rare. Among Porto Seguros's main attractions are the church of Misericórdia, the oldest in Brazil, built between 1526 and 1530; the church of Nossa Senhora da Peña, dated 1535; the House of Ombudsman José Xavier de Machado, built in 1535 to lodge the local judge.

The settlement of Arraial d'Ajuda, 4km south of Porto Seguro, was founded with the building of a church that received the first pilgrimage in Brazil and was "discovered" by the hippies in the 1970's and gained fame for its simplicity and elegance.

The 16th century settlement of Saint John the Baptist of the Indian, now called Trancoso, was founded by Jesuits and served in defense against smugglers of Pau Brasil who arrived by the coast. Nearly 500 years later, Trancoso watches the arrival not of pirates but Brazilian and International tourists seeking sea, sunshine and peace. One of the last surviving villages from Brazil's early history, it still retains a certain feeling reminiscent of the Jesuits.

When arriving in Santa Cruz Cabrália, it's inevitable to think about the first mass celebrated in Brazil, that took place in Coroa Vermelha under a cross made out of Pau Brasil in 26th of April 1500. Now the area corresponds to the Pataxó Tribe Indian Reservation, which is one of Discovery Coast's most significant icons. You can still see ruins of several Jesuitical constructions, as well as buildings from the colonial period.


*Portinha (international)
Rua Saldanha Marinho, 33
Phone: 3288-2743

*Parque ViraSol (sea food)
Av. Beira Mar - Praia de Taperapuã
Phone: 8824-0822

*Recanto do Sossego (sea food and italian)
Av. Beira Mar, 10.130 - Praia do Mutuá
Phone: 3677-1266

*Restaurante da Japonesa (japonese)
Rua dos Pataxós, 38
Phone: 3288-2592

*Mediterrâneo (pizza)
Rua dos Mamoeiros - Taperapuã
Phone: 3679-0650

*Mar e Mar (sea food)
Av. Beira Mar, Km 66,5 - Praia de Mundaí
Phone: 3679-1507

*Pizzas Bar do Nene
Passarela do Álcool, 7
Phone: 3288-1297

*Empório Tutti
Praça Manoel Ribeiro, 7 - Centro
Phone: 3268-3896

Esquina com o Beco, 29 - Passarela do Álcool
Phone: 3268-4117

*Expresso Oriente (chinese)
Av. dos Navegantes, 670 - Centro
Phone: 3288-3040

*Lekker (international)
Av. Portugal 216 - loja 5 e 6 - Passarela do Álcool
Phone: 3288-3849

*Churrascaria do Robinho (barbecue)
Rua 15 de Novembro, 241 - Pacatá
Phone: 3288-5303

*Tanaka Axé (sea food)
Rua Augusto Borges, 54 - Centro

*Love for Pasta (italian)
Av. Portugal, nº268 - Passarela do Álcool
Phone: 3288-2861

*Pastamore (italian)
Av. Portugal, nº292 - Passarela do Álcool
Phone: 3288.1333

*Paulinho Pescador
Praça São Brás, 116
Phone: 3575-1242

*Lotus Modern Thai Garden (mediterranean and thai food)
Estrada do mucugê, 402b
Phone: 3575-2655

Estrada do Mucugê, 145
Phone: 3575-2292

*Don Fabrizio (italian)
Rua do Mucugê, 420 - Centro
Phone: 3575-1123

*Magnólia Bar e Restaurante
Praia do Mucugê, 1770
Phone: 3575-1576

Rua do Mucugê, 99
Phone: 3575-2270

*Cabana Grande
Praia do Parracho
Phone: 3575-3044

*Girassol International Music Bar (international)
Rua do Mucugê, s/n - Centro
Phone: 3575-1717

*Portinha (international)
Rua do Campo, 01 - Centro
Phone: 3575-1289

Beco do Jegue, s/n
Phone: 3575-3385

*Rosa dos Ventos
Alameda dos Flamboyants, 24
Phone: 3575-1271

*Boi nos Aires
Estrada do Mucugê, 200
Phone: 3575-2554

*A Passarela
Estrada do Mucugê, 364
Phone: 3575-2625

*Los Corales
Rua Fábio Messias Nobre, 167
Phone: 3575-1760

*Portinha (international)
Praça do Quadrado s/n
Phone: 3668-1054

Rua Carlos Alberto Parracho, s/n - loja 4
Phone: 3668-1711

*Rosa Chá Café Terravista
Praça São João s/n - Quadrado
Phone: 3668-2007

*O Cacau
Praça São João, s/n - Quadrado

Rua Carlos Alberto Parracho, s/n
Phone: 3668-1258

*Capim Santo
Praça São João, s/n - Quadrado
Phone: 3668-1122

*Silvana & Cia.
Praça São João, s/n - Quadrado
Phone: 3668-1049

Praça do Quadrado, 53
Phone: 3668-1266

*Sabor da Bahia
Praça São João - Quadrado
Phone: 2668-1423

*Fazenda Amendoeira (italian and international)
Praia das Tartarugas Km 44 - Santo André
Phone: 3671-4092

*Restaurante Alkimia (european)
Rua Pero Vaz caminha, s/n - Centro
Phone: 3282-1170

*Vanda (regional)
Rua Frei Henrique Coimbra, 75 - Centro
Phone: 3282-1384

Ladeira do Mirante, 100 - Centro
Phone: 9993-7753

*O Restaurante (international)
Rua José da Costa Dória - Praia de Arakakaí
Phone: 3282-2641

*Garatéia (regional)
Rua Sidrack de Carvalho, s/n
Phone: 3282-1690

*Restaurante Maria Nilza
Estrada para a Praia de Guaiú, 380
Phone: 3671-2047

general info


Hot, tropical and humid, with average temperatures of 24,4ºC, with minimum temperature of 20,9ºC and maximum temperatures of 30,6ºC. Rains are more frequently between March and May.

Light and casual clothes are welcome every season and for the most occasions.

Usually 220V

Porto Seguro International Airport is the third largest in Northeast in terms of passenger number.
Located 2km from the center.
Airport code: BPS
Phone: 3288-1880

Porto Seguro - 140.000 inhabitants
Arraial d' Ajuda - 18.000 inhabitants
Trancoso - 11.000 inhabitants
Santa Cruz Cabrália - 37.000 inhabitants

Porto Seguro - Rua Itagibá, nº85 - Centro
Phone: 3288-3117/3288-5645

Arraial d'Ajuda - Praça São Brás, 01 - Centro
Phone: 3575-1841

Trancoso - Praça da Feirinha, s/n
Phone: 3668-1192

Santa Cruz Cabrália - Rua Presidente Vargas, 107 - Centro
Phone - 3282-1179

Check with your hotel for information on the nearest.

Salvador - 722km
Rio de Janeiro - 1135km
São Paulo - 1572km

Salvador - 725Km
Porto Seguro - 4km
Trancoso - 24km

Salvador - 741Km
Porto Seguro - 25Km

Salvador - 745Km
Porto Seguro - 23Km
Santo André - 7Km

how to get there

*By Plane: Many national and international flying companies offer regular lines and daily flights to Porto Seguro.

*By Bus/Car: It is 730 km away from Salvador. Visitors must take BR-101 highway, passing by the cities of Itabuna, Itagimirim, Paraíso, until getting to the city of Eunápolis. From this city, it is necessary to take BR-367 highway and drive more than 65 km to downtown Porto Seguro. Or also from Salvador, visitors must take the BR-324 highway until the junction with BR-101 roadway and proceed to Eunápolis (km 658), following another 65 km on BR-367 roadway to Porto Seguro.

*By Boat/Cruise: for the Ferryboat System, drive along BA-001 and BR-101 roadways until Eunápolis (546 km), proceeding for another 65 km on BR-367 roadway to Porto Seguro. At the port of Porto Seguro, cruise ships on domestic and international tours make a stop in the city.

*By Boat: From Porto Seguro you should cross Buranhém River in a barge for people or vehicles. The trip takes about ten minutes. This service is offered 24 hours a day, every 15 minutes from 7.00h to 22.00h and every hour from 22.00h to 7.00h.

*By Bus/Car:
Getting away from Porto Seguro, you should take BR-367 for 25km till Eunápolis, where you may turn left in BR-001 and follow more 36km till Arraial d'Ajuda.

*By Boat and Car: From Porto Seguro you may take the barge to Arraial d'Ajuda and then a 24km road, partly paved, until Trancoso.

*By Bus/Car: Take the road that connects Eunápolis to Porto Seguro and then take, at Km 33, BA-001 road until Trancoso. From Eunápolis to Trancoso the distance is 80km. Many buses leave from Arraial to Trancoso every day.
Heavy vehicles, tourism buses or microbuses are not allowed in the village.

* By Bus/Car: You should take BR-101 highway until Eunápolis, follow 65km on BR-367 until Porto Seguro and finally drive more 23km to Santa Cruz Cabrália.

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