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Porto de Galinhas

There are 120 kilometres of beaches to the south of Recife, a destination with exotic appeal. There are several white sandy and particularly beautiful beaches. The tropical climate is met by gentle breezes from the sea.

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The City

There are 120 kilometres of beaches to the south of Recife, beginning in the elegant Jaboatao dos Guararapes, a city of historic significance since it was the site of the final battles against Dutch invaders during the "Pernambucan War".
Morro dos Guararapes and the Guararapes National Historic Park are historic attractions to be seen in Jaboatao.

Pernambuco, is a destination with exotic appeal. There are several white sandy beaches in the municipality of Cabo, among them the beaches of Itapoama, Gaibu, Calhetas and Suape. Bica da Ferrugem and Calheta Bay are particularly beautiful. The tropical climate in the south is met by gentle breezes from the sea and by soft winds from the Southeast.

For sightseeing, any of the 17th and 18th Century buildings in Cabo offer a picture of old time Brazil: Convento das Carmelitas, a convent built between 1692 and 1731; Castelo do Mar Forte, dated 1632; Forte Suape, of 1633 and the Massangana sugar mill are sites directly linked to the history of Pernambuco and that of Brazil.

Night Life

Just take to the streets in the evening and you will see where the more lively spots are. Most of the year it is fairly quiet, but during the summer vacations and holiday weekends, the sleepy village fills up and comes to life.


Cabo de Santo Agostinho, a historic site 33 kms south of Recife, was the first spot to be accidentally discovered by foreign navigators in January of 1500, a little before Pedro Alvares Cabral discovered Brazil. On January 6 of the year 1500, 3 months before Cabral discovered the land of Santa Cruz, as he would call Brazil, Spanish navigator Vicente Yanes Pinzon lost his course and arrived on virgin land which he named Cabo de Santa Maria de la Consolacion; one year later the Portuguese, having arrived at the Cape on the day dedicated to Saint Augustin, renamed the area Cabo de Santo Agostinho.
Porto de Galinhas (Port of Chickens), a small town, seventy km south of Recife, got its name as a result of the slave trade which secretly continued after abolition. On hearing that the chickens from Angola had arrived, the masters of Recife knew to expect another load of slaves.

how to get there

Transfer from Airport to the Golden Coast:

The Guararapes Airport, is situated about 60 kms away from Porto de Galinhas and about 45 kms from Cabo Santo Agostino. Leaving Recife, the picturesque journey takes you through the beautiful green landscape, past palm trees and through some sleepy local villages.

We recommend a regular transfer with a driver / guide, since you will be able to find out many useful details about the region during the 40-60 min. ride. Specially trained guides will receive clients with a name board and, on the way to the hotel, they will give all the necessary information about arrangements for the client´s stay.

Please check arrangements with us.

A taxi would probably cost about the same.

We do not recommend trying the local bus services. However, another good option for those heading out of Recife is to rent a car at the airport. We have good deals with car rental services and the road to Porto de Galinhas/Cabo Santo Agostino is good. The only problem is that there is a distinct lack of signposts, so it will certainly help if you speak some Portuguese or Spanish to ask directions.

NB.In most other cities we do not recommend car rental as it is almost inevitable that you will get lost.

general info


The average temperature of is from 23o to 28o centigrade and is stable most of the year. Although the North-east is as hot as Rio in the summer, it enjoys a tropical breeze and less humidity, which makes it a lot more agreeable during the months of January and February.

Light, casual clothes throughout the year are all you need in this region.

220 Volts.

Porto de Galinhas is situated 60km south of Recife´s aeroporto Guararapes.

Most shops are usually open from 10am - 10pm, but this can vary according to the season.

Ask the hotel reception to call for a taxi if necessary.


Great food, especially seafood and dried meat with very regional taste. Keep following option or just another restaurant in the village for the evening and enjoy eating with fingers on the beach during the sunny day.

@ Beijupira XX $$ - Estr. de Maracaipe, tel. 552-1271; cc: Ae, 11h/23h. Variety.
Great ambiance and good regional food.

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