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The capital of the state of Paraná has become world renowned for its innovative urban solutions and the quality of life enjoyed by its inhabitants. Education and health have been treated as priority services. The transport system is a model for major cities. The green area - 52 m2 per inhabitant - is far in excess of the 16 m2 per inhabitant minimum recommended by the UN. Wide pavements, Rua 24 Horas (24 Hours Street), conservation of the architectural heritage and selective refuse collection have been conceived with the well-being of the population of Curitiba as the starting point.

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The City

The capital of the state of Paraná has become world renowned for its innovative urban solutions and the quality of life enjoyed by its inhabitants. Education and health have been treated as priority services. The transport system is a model for major cities. The green area - 52 m2 per inhabitant - is far in excess of the 16 m2 per inhabitant minimum recommended by the UN. Wide pavements, Rua 24 Horas (24 Hours Street), conservation of the architectural heritage and selective refuse collection have been conceived with the well-being of the population of Curitiba as the starting point.

Holder of the title of Brazilian city offering the best quality of life, Curitiba is the forerunner in terms of concern for ecology, setting up Brazil's first environmental university, the Free University of the Environment, which runs projects relating to a sustainable economy, conservation of the ecosystem and environmental education. Deep in a native forest covering 37,000 m2, its researchers are highly aware and are influencing the growth of the city, which bases its economy on trade, the provision of services and processing industries, scattered across Curitiba's Industrial City. In addition, the city has one of Brazil's best public transport systems, having exported several of its schemes, such as the Integrated System, which was sold to New York. Curitiba was the first Brazilian city to implement the selective collection of refuse and publicize information on recycling processes.

Standing some 3,000 feet (914 meters) above sea level on the plateau of Serra do Mar, is the capital of the progressive state of Paraná. Since the late 1800's, Curitiba's bracing climate and picturesque location have attracted immigrants of Slav, German, and Italian origin. Curitiba grew rapidly after 1950 and it is known for the sensible manner in which it became a major city without losing a comfortable life-style. Curitiba is setting international standards not only for its sound environmental policies, but also for the enthusiastic way its citizens embrace and uphold them. The city derives its economic prosperity from its role as commercial and processing center for the expanding agricultural and ranch areas in the hinterlands as well as from its diverse industrial output.

Night Life

Given Curitiba's prosperity and its inhabitants' diverse ethnic origins, it's not surprising that there's a huge range of restaurants. There are also numerous cafes, and a fair amount of evening entertainment, too, based around the usual bars, cinemas and theatres. There's an excellent selection of produce available at the Mercado Municipal at Av. Sete de Setembro 1865.

During the late afternoon and early evening locals congregate in the pavement cafes at the Praia Osorio end of Rua das Flores, but as the evening progresses the historic centre comes to life, its bars and restaurants attracting a mainly young and wellwheeled crowd. On Praia Garibaldi, and the streets extending off it, there are numerous bars, many with live music typically Brazilian rock music, jazz and what seem to be parodies of country and western.


Curitiba was born in the shade of Paraná pines a little over three hundred years ago. Its name bears its native heritage: kur ity ba, as the Indians used to call the pine-kernels, the fruits of the Paraná pines and the symbolic tree of Paraná. The city came into being when the gold prospectors from the coast travelled up-river to the Serra do Mar arriving at the plains. The first nucleus settled on the banks of the River Atuba in a place called Vilinha. Soon afterwards, the urban centre was transferred to the site of the present Tiradentes Square. It was in this area that the town of Nossa Senhora da Luz do Pinhais had its beginnings, being officially founded on March 29th, 1693. In 1842, the town acquired city status with the name Curitiba, before being elevated to state capital in 1853.

During the course of its history, influenced by interbreeding, the capital of Paraná has managed to harmonize colonial mansions, daring architectural projects as well as nature. Pedreira Paulo Leminski, the location of the ópera de Arame - a theatre seating 1,800 in the stalls and 600 in boxes - and where an open-air stage has a disused stone quarry as a backdrop - is an example of that integration.



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Mina Gerais

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general info


Curitiba is 908 meters high above sea-level, and has a total area of 500 km2, sub-tropical weather with middle temperatures of 20,4 oC in the summer and 12.7oC in the winter. Due to its altitude the city is in a high plateau the winds are always constant. Curitiba is one of the coldest cities in Brazil. The weather turns a hot single day into a cold one.

As Sao Paulo, Curitiba is also a big commercial center, and it is very common to see people dressed formally, especially when going out in the evenings and if going to some of the better restaurants. Due to the low temperatures people generally use coats and mild winter clothes.

110 V

Curitiba is served by the International Airport Afonso Pena, located at São José dos Pinhais and it is 17 kilometers far from downtown. The airport transportation system is very efficient and is composed by taxis and air-conditioned buses that connect the airport to the center of the city iin half-hour periods.

Most offices and stores are open from 9 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Stores are also open on Saturday from 10am to 1pm, while most of the large shopping centers, open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 10pm. Curitiba has a 24-hour street “Rua 24 horas” with some convenience stores. Banks are open Monday through Friday from 10am to 4pm.

In Curitiba there are two main types of taxis: the radio taxis, which you can order from the hotel reception, and the more common taxis, which can be hailed from the street. Taxis are certainly not cheap and prices go up on Sundays and public holidays.

Deatur is the English-speaking tourist police service.

Curitiba has many hospitals, clinics and doctors but treatment is expensive so visitors are strongly advised to take out medical insurance before travelling to Brazil. Private clinics are recommended if you have to go into hospital for treatment (ask locally about the best available clinics), but in case of an emergency or accident, the emergency services of the public hospitals are quite adequate.

how to get there

Flights to most major Brazilian cities as well as to Argentina depart from the ultramodern airport, about 30 minutes from the city centre. Taxis charge about 15 $ for this ride. A bus marked "Aeroporto" takes you like every hour to Downtown in front of the Hotel Presidente by Praça Rui Barbosa.

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